The cork oak tree is the only tree that can regenerate its bark after every harvest making it a sustainable solution. The harvested trees absorb five times more carbon dioxide than their non-harvested counterparts! This makes cork products 100% eco-friendly.

Cork mats are ideal for anyone who sweats a lot and likes to get their sweat on in hot yoga. We understand the frustration of how slippery your rubber mat gets as you sweat. With cork, your grip actually improves as you sweat! 


The cork will absorb a bit of water or sweat, adding friction to build between your hands and the mat, which prevents your hands and feet from slipping.

Cork yoga mats have natural antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities. This means that any bacteria that makes its way onto a cork mat won’t be able to live there. Therefore, keeping them clean and in long-lasting shape is simple.


To clean a cork yoga mat, use cold water on a soft cloth. Gently wipe down the mat with the damp cloth and then let it air dry before you roll it up and put it away. Be careful not to damage your mat by scrubbing it hard with an abrasive sponge.


It’s important to avoid using any mat cleaners with essential oils or a lot of chemicals, as they can potentially damage the mat.


Some people wipe the mat down every time they use it, others clean it once a week. Once a week is generally sufficient unless you sweat a lot, or use the mat daily, then cleaning it more frequently is recommended.

You could make your own cork mat cleaning spray.


Fill a spray bottle with:

  • 3 parts of water
  • 1 part of witch hazel or white vinegar
  • 5 drops of your favourite essential oil. Lavender, tea tree, lemongrass and eucalyptus are essential oils that are recommended for their disinfecting qualities.


·        Step 1. Shake the spray bottle.

·        Step 2. Spray mixture on the mat and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. 

·        Step 3. Leave the mat to air dry completely before you put it away.

Yes. No animal products go into the making of FITTRU yoga mats.