Cork Yoga Mat (Great for Starters, Hot Yoga, Pilates)

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With Alignment: RM216  to RM180

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  • Any fitness enthusiast of all ages would love a cork yoga mat!
  • Perfect for Hot Yoga & Pilates

Core Benefits of A Cork Yoga Mat

  • Naturally Anti-Microbial – Prevents bacteria growth and smells
  • Lightweight & Long-lasting – Compact and durable with a cork layer on the top and lightweight TPE rubber on the bottom for a premium yoga mat
  • Non-Slip & Superior Grip – Cork is naturally non-slip, perfect for all types of yoga, especially Hot Yoga
  • Perfect for People with Allergy & Skin Sensitivity – Cork does not absorb dust that causes irritation
  • Free Customization – Customize Your Name or Your Favourite Quote
  • Dimensions – Length: 183 cm, Width: 61 cm, Thickness: 5mm, Weight: 1.1Kg
  • Eco-friendly – 100% vegan product. No animals were harmed.
Weight 1 kg

Black, Pink


With Alignment, Without Alignment


5 mm


Length: 183 cm
Width: 61 cm


Approximately 1 kg

75 reviews for Cork Yoga Mat (Great for Starters, Hot Yoga, Pilates)

  1. Nicholas

    I love this mat- it’s smooth, it’s grippy in a different way than traditional rubber mats- but I like it because it helps my strength. It has no smell, which I love, because other mats always leave a smell on my hands.

  2. Michelle

    The cork mat was amazing! I didn’t slip or slide, it was comfortable, I loved it. Sturdy, comfy, big, easy to clean, stays flat.

  3. gouldyoga

    So far I love the mat. It has great grip once it gets wet. I’ll be interested to see how long it holds up. So far I’ve used it for 108 sun salutations, vinyasa, and hot yoga. It worked great for all three classes.

  4. anissagaya

    Recommend. This is great! I had issues with my other rubber yoga mat. In hot yoga, I would slip in my poses and it would be difficult to have the correct form because of my sweaty hands and feet. 🤗

  5. shri87

    As an instructor, Ive used manduka, liforme and Lululemon mats. I think this is great for people who want to start doing yoga the right way, especially hot yoga.

  6. keiyanlam

    Cork yoga mat. Worth the money!

  7. tracychuah

    TPE 材料胜在比PU 的轻便携带,就是上手会比较滑手,还挺喜欢这种原木色感觉,Good value for money.

  8. aien

    Span agak nipis tapi padat. Tak mudah bergerak.
    Jadi masih selesa utk workout.
    Overall really love it

  9. Lyanna

    10/10. Love the material, has a nice padding thickness, and holding up well after one month so far.

  10. Anu

    The mat is super lightweight. But then it will have a little sandy feeling sometimes when first use. After it will ok

  11. Jasmine

    Tried this out in a heated yoga class. You will NOT slip. Having some sweat on you will actually make you stick better to the mat.

  12. magicmaria12

    So far I love it. The cushioning is good and the grip is much better than any other mat that I have tried, including various “non slip” rubber mats

  13. Sarah

    Thanks ..terbaik..cantik n nmpak brkualiti..ketebalan mmg puas hati sgt ! Thanks!!

  14. samlim99

    I smell no chemicals or fragrances with this product. That is a win-win!
    Highly recommend for anyone with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

  15. Kathryn

    I love this mat! Hot yoga sweat sesh approved! I was using a yoga towel thingy over my old mat, but it was always moving around and getting in my way- messing with my workout!

  16. nursaphira

    Tidak terlalu tebal. Paling penting tak licin bila tapak tangan berpeluh.

  17. Tasha

    It does not roll out flat and takes maybe a good chunk of class to lay flat. You cannot roll it in the reverse like the product photo is shown because the cork is too stiff and it will crease. I’m not sure what the general length of other mats are, and I usually don’t have this issue with others, but I’m almost 5’8 and had to slide myself down because my head or feet were off the mat a few times. So it seems a little short. Other than these issues its a beautiful mat! I’m sure just as good as the other expensive cork mats on the market. I will update this review if the wear does not keep up.

  18. Nur

    I love this mat- it’s smooth, it’s grippy in a different way than traditional rubber mats- but I like it because it helps my strength. It has no smell, which I love, because other mats always leave a smell on my hands. I’ve had it a few weeks and the ends are still slightly curled but that doesn’t matter to me. It feels good to practice with a sustainable mat. I definitely prefer this over rubber.

  19. shah

    Love this purchase! I have more stability when I do my yoga poses. I recommend highly to try out this cork yoga mat!

  20. Jia Yee

    我喜欢这个yoga mat。我买了3个!对于朋友和家人。坚固、舒适、易于清洁、保持平整。

  21. leejuan


  22. rashdiskandar90

    Cork lembut.. sgt selesa utk bersenam✅
    Sesuai d gunakan utk org dewasa✅🤗

  23. tiantian

    Functionality = 8/10 (a little thin for my knees and elbows to feel comfortable during kneeling poses, but still worth it!)
    Delivery = 10/10

    P/S: There’s a faint cork-smell. Guess it’s cork after all.

  24. Natasha

    Going to yoga instructor classes & everyone in my class is jealous of this simply cool mat! I love that the bottom helps hold the mat in place so well!

  25. Alisha

    I’m a yoga instructor for over 10 years and I’ve been looking for a mat like this forever!!! Not too expensive and just right for me & my sutdients.
    Perfect for pilates & hot yoga

  26. Crystal

    I received this mat in perfect condition and tried it immediately. I really love the size and material the mat is made of. No matter how much I may drift, I never leave the mat. No matter how much I move, the mat stays put. No matter how much I sweat, the mat is not slippery

  27. Chiao En


  28. fatimahrasdi

    Love it! Sesuai untuk saya yang berpeluh tangan.

  29. Mei Xin

    Just to highlight how my experience differs from others.
    * There was no odd/chemical/factory smell
    * I have no concerns about the cork cracking. It’s extremely thin, and securely glued to the rubber
    * Right out of the box, the mat laid pretty flat on the floor. There’s a little bit of curling, but it’s very minor, and the ends curl down.

    Overall, it seems like a great mat for a great price. I’ve had it for a week and use it at least daily. It’s not very squishy, but provides enough padding for me. It doesn’t stretch (e.g. during downward dog) or slip, and the cork surface is grippy and comfortable.

  30. Afiqah

    I love this yoga mat it’s so much easier to keep clean! Thank you!

  31. chiachiawen

    Great traction, even when wet.

  32. Ee Vern

    Love the natural look and feel of this mat. I used this yoga mat outside in the backyard a few times and didn’t notice any distinct chemical smell.

    I didn’t realize until initially unrolling it after it was delivered that the cork itself is just millimeters thick, with the majority of this mat being the black rubbery material. This didn’t bother me, since most cork mats are much more expensive.

  33. Laura

    This matt is great because it is so easy to clean! I swear a lot when I am doing yoga and other mats just start to get funky quick. I have had this mat for about 1 month and it is so easy to clean and dries really quick.

  34. anushasara12

    I bought this cork mat for 2 reasons. First, I do ashtanga yoga. I sweat a lot. I want something that will prevent slipping. With my regular mats, I am having to use a towel, which I have to spray when I start so that it’s grippy. Even after spraying and using a towel, I slip on the regular mat when I’m doing my back bends. When my teacher got a cork yoga mat, he was telling us how lightweight and grippy it was. Which takes me to the 2nd reason I wanted a cork mat: I was looking for something lightweight that I could use for travel.

  35. diyana

    Terima kasih, pembungkusan sgt kemas, thanks for the gift… 👍👍👍👍👍

  36. alia

    Fast delivery! Received the mat in good condition. Looks good and thanks seller!

  37. mishalow87

    Wish I’d bought it sooner
    I hesitated paying this much for a yoga mat, but the moment I took it out of the box, I could tell it was worth every penny. Firm but cushioned, very stable and comfortable whether you’re balancing on one leg or laying across your knee. The lines make transitions a breeze and inspire you to go deeper and rediscover the poses. The right balance of grip and slip, no need to manage messy towels regardless the temperature and humidity level. Smells good too.

  38. limjoanne

    I recommend his mat to beginners as this is my first mat and it’s fairly inexpensive for a cork mat. I’m sure this mat holds up just as well as the expensive RM400+ as I use this mat everyday and have yet to see wearing after 1 month. Every single morning I break out my mat and sweat on it during my yoga workout. This mat has met my expectations as it’s held together, doesn’t slide around during my workouts, and most of all provides stability while standing on it with sweaty feet.

  39. Mei

    I love this yoga mat!! I suppose, all other yoga mats have a weird, chemical, artificial smell due to the materials that they are made out of. THIS yoga mat doesn’t smell like anything to me which is fantastic for all forehead/face-down poses. It is also the cleanest feeling mat I’ve used. The only downside is that it is very heavy! I would not recommend this mat for taking to and from classes. If you do yoga from your home like me, I say it is definitely worth the money.

  40. Nimue

    I know this mat isn’t as flexible due to the cork but it is amazing to do yoga on something more natural. Really enhances the experience.

  41. Suba

    Recommended for yogis who sweat a lot.
    Preventing slipping when wet with sweat is a great performance over other mats. However, it is susceptible to wrinkles and scratches and is less durable.

  42. Mia

    Got this as a present for someone who wanted something hard enough to do push-ups but soft enough to keep you comfy. It was perfect. Looks super cool, super light, long enough for tall people, and exactly what I wanted. I want one for me now…

  43. kerxxin

    Non-slip (For Real)
    Invisible sweat
    No smell
    Alignment lines

  44. 森林jay

    Good quality, worth the price & will buy again 👍

  45. priyav

    I injured myself before bcause of slippy cheap mats, I’ve learned my lesson. I need the right yoga mat that helps me grip during intense yoga classes. Recommend to buy

  46. krischen

    My friend had one of them and I tried it and absolutely love it! I have a 5-day/week Vinyasa practice, so this mat is perfect for it.

  47. yocoy

    I have an allergy to rubber products, e.g. yoga mats. Finding this cork mat has helped tremendously in my practice. So far, good!

  48. liyananur

    A soft yet grippy feel of the cork. Used it for almost a month.

    Worth the price and would recommend it.

  49. medalucious

    Thank you seller for free strap. The mat is perfect too for my hot yoga.

  50. jamiekoh

    I bought this for my girl. She loves it. It improves the more you use it. Shee says it feels organic almost to use because of the material.

  51. sherakgy

    I thought cork would be rough & not nice to touch, but it was smooth, it becomes grippier after it gets wet. Perfect for my pilates sessions.

  52. rahimi89

    Worth it. Highly Recommend. Its better grip and no weird smells after using it for 3 weeks

  53. laurawong85

    Much better than my previous Manduka yoga mat. It feels a bit chalky at first, but after using it more, it becomes great!

  54. manjazurkainan

    If you love hot yoga, this mat is your new best friend!

  55. nini89


  56. aishanur96

    Yoga Mat Yg Hebat!

  57. dellasala

    Perfect!! Best mat I’ve ever used. I’ve been doing hot yoga for 11 years, and I just began teaching. This mat is perfect for people who are new to yoga.

  58. erinsyuu23

    Stable and grippy wet or dry, makes sessions more effective since no longer sliding around compared to past mats used.

  59. saracon92


  60. sharona_ting88

    Quality is very good! Amazing good and does not slip.. But all is good . Recommended.

  61. agneshu98

    第一次购买这家的瑜伽垫 品质不错也价钱也合理👍下次还会继续回购‼️

  62. nadia0266

    Alhamdulilah so far sangat puas hati 🥰

  63. changi12

    Received everything in a good condition ❤️ good product n woth the price. Tq seller.

  64. gornikapril

    But not only do I like the material, it’s also really pretty and helps with alignment. 5 stars!

  65. sharistone

    I love this mat! It has thick but firm cushion. It’s excellent for pilates and all kinds of related exercises. And I love that it’s from non-toxic, renewable materials. I plan to buy one for my sister for her birthday.

  66. lauralim

    I’ve had my cork yoga mat for about a month and I LOVE IT! Best mat I’ve ever owned. This is the first yoga mat I’ve owned where I don’t slip – even without water.

  67. waninurati

    quality of product is nice…fast delivery… seller is friendly

  68. SukSuk

    I truly love this mat! I feel more grounded during practice!

  69. leighya

    I have just used foam mats (begrudgingly) until I found Cork Yoga Mats. It provides support that foam mats just don’t and it doesn’t stink.

  70. alia_abdul96

    Excellent for pilates and all kinds of related exercises! Paling Best!

  71. yeeling88

    I have been using this yoga mat in the heat and outside. It has been amazing. It is naturally anti-microbial, so it is great for those sweaty sessions. 🙂

  72. elenebaker

    I’m new to yoga and this mat is exactly what I needed!

  73. mirafarul

    Yoga Mat yang bagus dan selesa!

  74. marylai_88

    I take hot yoga 4-5 times a week and sweat like a snow cone under the hot sun every single time. I have been through 3 different types of mats since I started practicing two and a half years ago. This is what I should have purchased from the very beginning. It is thin, light, grips even with a puddle of sweat under my feet, and has no chemical odor which was nauseating. Highly recommend!

  75. feliciatho

    用它来做HOT YOGA,太棒了

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