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Durability Meets Design

What Makes Cork Yoga Mats Different?

Everything your regular yoga mat wishes to be.

High Durability

Cork is extremely durable and creates the perfect balance of both traction and cushion. Such material enables a high performance yoga mat.

Prevents Skin Irritation

The properties of cork keep germs out of the cork make it an excellent choice for yogis with sensitive skin and allergies.

Naturally Antimicrobial

Cork, by its nature, is an inhospitable environment to dust mites, germs and fungi. This helps prevent bacteria growth associated with other types of mats.

Anti-Slip Surface

For those who love hot yoga, with cork, your grip actually improves as you sweat! Cork naturally absorbs water or sweat, creating friction to build between your hands and the mat.

Lightweight & Sustainable

Compact and easy to carry. Perfect for frequent travelers.. Cork comes from the bark of an oak tree that would grow back, making it sustainable and eco-friendly.

Serious Performance

Wet or dry, the cork mat stays grippy and offers great tractions for high performance.

Long Lasting